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Let’s stop wasting talent!

Are your people performing to their full potential?

Even in highly profitable, growing teams, business units and organisations, talent is wasted:

  • Individuals not raising their game to their full potential

  • Teams not gelling to work efficiently or wasting energy in unhealthy conflict

  • Departments just not joining up to act connectedly.

Clearly, leaders at all levels know that the work is achieved through their people. Our experience in Financial and Professional Services and also in High-tech Manufacturing and Pharmaceuticals shows these leaders to be motivated and highly intelligent people and they obviously make efforts to ensure that they get the best from their workforce.

We have been like athletes training harder, yet never quite reaching the performance we know should be possible.

Research proves that Executive Coaching can make a huge difference in this space. It works to connect leaders with their own potential, understand the development journey that they are on, and to realise that potential.

Professional Executive Coaches work with clients to help them understand more fully their own context and the system they are working in, the patterns of their own and others’ behaviour, so that they can work with the grain.

Now our Leaders achieve better results, faster and there is a better buzz about the place.

As a senior leader from a bank recently put it:

“All the information that we worked with in coaching was available to me all along, but I never sought it out, nor understood its’ significance to my work. Now I am working with my blinkers off, I have greater choice and better results”.

Currently, what organisations in these sectors seem to do really well is to challenge leaders and offer incentives that really motivate. Leaders enjoy great clarity of immediate objectives.

The real challenge is to steer effectively toward the long-term despite the short-termism inherent in the system, yet stay aligned to key stakeholders.

This level of challenge needs to be balanced by effective developmental support, to avoid unnecessary stress and wasted talent, which sadly translates to mediocre performance.

Are your people performing to their full potential?

Providing leaders with an Executive Coach makes all the difference and pays for itself many times over in improved decision making and enhanced action taking. Leaders who have the support of a good external coach often become better at supporting their staff’s performance in turn and role model a better way for the Leaders of the future.

There are strategic, tactical and practical things that your people could be doing differently today. Let’s discuss a trial of our coaching services with a dozen Leaders. We’ll evaluate that work against criteria that are important to the growth of your business.

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