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The benefits of executive coaching

According to several different studies in the last 5 years, more organisations are using coaches as a key strategy to help develop leadership capabilities and increase the engagement, performance and productivity of their people.

Individuals can get great value from working with a coach to help them achieve more challenging goals, make change initiatives successful and develop their mindset, thinking and skills as they go.

Based upon recent feedback from senior leaders we can confidently say:

The personalised process of coaching can give you greater clarity about the complexity you are facing, can help you avoid mistakes, misunderstandings and dead ends. With your coach you look inwards and develop your inner space, and outward to co-construct the future.

Internally, if you have spent time recognising your own patterns, communication, trust and relationships can improve, and you may then find the development of your team accelerates. You may recognise your shadow and become more authentic with others, which can make you more influential and inspirational to peers, stakeholders and your team.

Externally, you'll be better equipped to recognise opportunities and risks and so be poised to confidently reach out for the collaborations that make business more profitable. You'll be more ready to stand for what matters, whilst being open to true dialogue, which may be part of changing the perception of markets and refreshing the business for the future.

Having prioritised differently, you'll feel more fulfilled and become more flexible, more resilient and less prone to illness of the body or the mind. You will become confident enough to release more control, within parameters that keep the business growing and thriving.

We cannot promise that you will see the same benefits as the clients we have worked with recently, because each person we work with is unique. You might achieve more, or less, depending on the relationship and the way that you work on the themes and actions resulting from the conversations with your coach..


86% of organisations saw a return on their investment in coaching, according to an ICF study in 2016. and 96% of those coached wanted to repeat the experience to learn more in the future.

We look forward to hearing how we might help you: Call us on 07770 965379

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