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Busting Coaching and Climate Change Myths

How have you orientated yourself for conversations about the climate in coaching and coaching supervision?

  • Are you contemporary?

  • Have you examined what there is to know about climate change and decided what you value and think?

Without doing this work, are you really prepared for the conversations that will come up? Are you really at your best for your clients?

The Joint Global Statement Group on climate and eco-diversity crises (a cross-professional group in the coaching field, with 11 signatories) invite people to use the article below to understand the busted myths and reframing narratives and paradigms as a resource to explore and prepare ahead of coaching conversations around climate change.

We hope that every Training Provider will be facilitating dialogue around this subject, with no edicts, but space to explore and think.

We all are coming to terms with new realities. Every leader and coach will need to fathom out their own course of action in context, and then be able to put that to one side, so they enable their clients to do their own thinking about climate and eco-diversity action.

We are all playing our part whether we face reality or ignore it! Let's embrace our future courageously and with love.

Coaching Perspectives is available to AC members and subscribers via this link:

Coaching Perspectives July 23
Download PDF • 892KB


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