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Are you willing to grow?

Are you open to new understanding?

Are you ready for Executive Coaching?

We understand the fullest impact that mindset, heartset, action logic, values, beliefs and behaviours have on results.

We increase awareness and flexibility to adapt to change.

We are your partner in co-creating better, more sustainable ways of doing business.

Executive Coaching

Taking alternative perspectives, seeing the wood and the trees in context
The typical focus for Executive Coaching:
  • Develop strategic leadership
  • Lead change in the organisation
  • Step up to a bigger challenge
  • Improve relationships and influence
  • Enhance high-performance culture


What do CEOs and senior leaders need to help their businesses?

Core elements that CEOs and senior leaders need to grow:

Personal effectiveness:

Increase awareness and grow honest self-knowledge about motives, capacities, resources, privileges, strengths and  derailers. Be able to take a witness position or a third party position to see ourselves as interdependent beings in the human systems and in our fragile natural ecosystem. Develop the humility to use these aspects to grow personal effectiveness and to affect change.

Relationship effectiveness:

Enhance social awareness, perspectives, understanding of dynamics, politics and motives. Develop in the moment self-control, to engage at a strategic level with generative intentions and frame these with others within the wider scope of purpose that is needed for our times. More effective communication and influence flow from these ways of being in groups.

Systemic and cultural effectiveness: 

Understand power and vulnerability. Scale up thinking to groups and cultures. Inquire, recognise and influence appropriately. Learn how to motivate action without inducing fear, so greater access to creativity and collaboration ensues. Inspire and rally discretionary effort in movements. Align people with their resources to accelerate growth through carefully invested belief and through appreciation, trust and respect.

Our professional experience inside business means we understand your real-world imperatives whilst bringing a wealth of expertise in coaching psychology to develop your emotional intelligence and action logics.

2 people having a meeting

The higher up you go in organisations, the more you are dealing with psychological and relational issues. Successful senior leadership demands astuteness about others, which rests on a foundation of self-awareness and self-management. Therefore executive coaching does start and end with yourself and your multiple intelligences;  body, mind, heart and soul.  


Executive Coaching provides a structured conversation that gives space for you to learn from past experience and present situation to inform your future. Imagine! What we will work with is already inside your head! The work we do brings latent knowledge you already hold out of awareness forward, to be re-examined and new understanding will emerge.

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