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Our Team


Lorenza Clifford 

Founding Director, AC Accredited Master Executive Coach, AOCS & CSA Accredited Coach Supervisor

Lorenza is an innovative leadership development professional with senior level, multi-sector experience. She combines a growth mindset with real understanding of leadership, coaching psychology and practical coaching experience. She has a track record of successful coaching with board-level executives, practice leaders and heads of businesses. Since 2003, she has alternated working for clients in her own business, with full-time Senior Management contracts.  At PwC she designed experiential leadership transition programmes and relationship skills programmes to enable Senior Managers to develop and be promoted to Director. At Grant Thornton, where she was Head of Coaching, she worked to spread the coaching culture, driving the growth of leaders to transform tomorrow’s world.

​An accredited coach supervisor and experienced developer of coaches, Lorenza raises awareness and opens up choices through exploration of lived experience. She has an extensive spectrum of methods she has trained in, which she blends precisely and uniquely to meet you where you are and propel you forward. Her signature approach is gentle inquiry balancing support and challenge, creating a thought-provoking motivational effect and long-lasting, wide-reaching results.

Lorenza has been Lead Facilitator on London Business School accredited Business Diploma programmes, has lead ILM level 5 and 7 programmes on Strategic Leadership, Leading Change and Coaching.  Lorenza is a contributor to the AC, Co-Chair of the Association of Coaching Supervisors (AOCS) and leads a UK Community for the Climate Coaching Alliance (CCA). Lorenza is passionate about human development and her enthusiasm and cheerful diligence is wonderfully infectious.

Image of Adrian Goodall

Adrian Goodall

Associate, AC Accredited Professional Executive Coach

Adrian combines professional coaching and facilitation with his experience as a senior executive. He works with leaders, their teams and rising talent in companies which want new, better, different results. This will typically deal with opportunities and challenges of leadership, teamwork, resilience, change, clarity of direction and communication skills.

Adrian’s style is warm, challenging and flexible, offering both an impartial, confidential sounding board and a supportive space for clients to build confidence and develop actions for effective change to help them reach their goals. He is passionate about both individuals’ and teams’ potential contribution and the impact of this on the organisations in which they work.

​Adrian read Biochemistry at the University of Oxford. Adrian’s career as a leading equity analyst with firms including Goldman Sachs and SBC Warburg (UBS), was followed by a Director of Strategy role with a national telecoms and Internet services provider. During his time as an equity analyst, Adrian followed the construction industry closely, including Aggregates. For the past 9 years he has worked as a coach, facilitator and trainer with a range of large companies and entrepreneurs.

Mindset Practice Team Image

Mindset Practice

Partnering Business 

Through 2019, we developed a working partnership with Mindset Practice, with whom we share practice values, expertise and some similarity in approach. We are continuing our work together following several successful projects with clients where we have complemented and enhanced each others' services and are taking forward the working partnership into 2021/2022. It's an exciting time for us all as we develop a modern relational practice and blended approach for the future.

The Mindset Practice Difference

Are a young, dynamic company, with people at the heart of their business. Their online development platform, Growth Space, and virtual digital programmes are revolutionary in the people development market and are already benefitting hundreds of people and leaders.

Rich Cook founded Mindset Practice to bring the power of mindset change and Growth to everyone. Working in partnership with Jackie Grier, focusing their expertise of applied EI facilitation and occupational psychology to help people to perform more consistently from Growth.

They have developed our integrated practical tools and psychometrics in collaboration with our most trusted customers and partners.

Feedback from participants and a growing research base suggests their mindset practice of EI delivers sustained changes in performance, wellbeing and genuine application back in the workplace.

Everyone has the potential to operate from a mindset of Growth or Survival, and to reach our full potential we have to learn to manage Survival habits, and nurture and exploit our Growth habits.

Inspired and underpinned by a fusion of humanistic psychology and evidence-based practice, our approach to development is founded on several guiding principles:

  • Everyone has the potential to operate from a mindset of Growth or Survival, and to reach our full potential we have to learn to manage Survival habits, and nurture and exploit our Growth habits.

  • We all have an innate ability to own our learning and develop new Growth habits.

  • Learning sticks when it is real, practical, and experiential.

  • Our core mindset of self -belief and belief in others is fundamental to our ability to show up more consistently from Growth.

  • Technology supports people's development best when it enables rather than replaces experiential learning.

Climate Coaching Alliance Logo

The Climate Coaching Alliance (CCA) was set up in late 2019 to share resources, explore practice, and hold dialogue to enable coaches to develop strategies and practices around climate coaching. This is to enable clients (individuals, leaders and their teams) the right space to explore, become more aware and step up to make appropriate contributions to change, in the face of the climate emergency.

Additionally, as we see the capacity of our planet to support life dwindle, experience climate related catastrophes and an increased rate of extinction in the more than human world, spaces are needed to process the overwhelming grief, impotence and even despair and maintain hope and grounded optimism. Our founder has been involved in the UK since March 2020 in co-creating spaces for conversation to happen that give confidence to coaches and clients on this important area of work. We will continue to partner with the CCA during 2021/22.

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