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Future Facing Coaching

Navigating careers and preparing leaders for the future

                           'If our clients are allowed to work from a sense of purpose,

                             why would our coaches not be allowed to do that too?'

                                                                 Charly Cox - Climate Change Coaches


Running a more responsible business requires leaders and managers to be real about what consumers, regulators, governments and investors will rightly demand now or very soon.


Feeling Pressures from:

  • Government or Regulators

  • Compliance or Consumers

  • Investors or Your Board

  • Society at large?

Feeling Pressures to:

  • Make changes for nature

  • Implement changes to net zero & reduce pollution for the next generation

  • Create a circular resource economy for our future

  • All of these &  something else to stay in planetary boundaries?

Feeling overwhelmed, maybe:

  • You don't know where to start

  • You think you don't have the adequate resources, budget or team

  • You feel you are being set up to fail

  • You're overwhelmed with the importance & complexity?

You are not alone!

It is normal and human to feel these things ... but what if you could be:

  • The right person

  • In the right time & place

  • With all the resources you need?


We start from the belief that you are!

We recommend coaching dialogue within a challenging development frame and supportive group interactions to help you feel this.


Future Facing Coaching is a key learning space for leaders during transformation. It's support and challenge during the creation, application and adaptation of new strategy. With your group, you'll discuss and create collaborative ways of being, to gracefully make future business viable.

Book an initial discussion to see if Future Facing Coaching, within a small group, is what you want.

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