Our Approach

A key area central to our approach is Fair and Ethical Practice. We also value excellence of practice and continued development of our mastery of skill. We support the professional bodies of our profession and are committed to uphold and practice by the  Global code of ethics.  You can read it here:

Global code of ethics

We are business people, who have had successful careers inside organisations and risen to senior manager positions.

We have an interest in human development and have studied at length relevant areas such as psychology, psychometrics, neuroscience, transactional analysis, systemic approaches.

These are in addition to our qualifying certifications and further development in specific coaching practices that enable us to respond in the moment with the unique individual and their coaching needs and goals.

We practice regularly to stay at our developmental edge, and we each have regular supervision. We have taken the time and trouble to write up our practice and submit to the scrutiny of our peers to gain accreditation.

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