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DIALOGUE: Navigating Climate Change in Coaching

  • How have you orientated yourself for conversations about the climate in coaching and coaching supervision?

  • Are you ready, (body/mind/heart & soul) for coaching clients to bring climate issues into the room?

  • Have you examined what there is to know about climate change and decided what you value and think? If not, without doing this work, are you really prepared for the conversations that will come up?

Are you really at your best for your clients?

An opportunity for dialogue in a small group to consider how climate change is changing our coaching conversations. Together we will take some exploratory steps and start navigating how we want to be with our clients in relation to the busted myths and reframes highlighted by the recent profession-wide roundtable.

This was recently reported in Coaching Perspectives Magazine published by the Association for Coaching, and the article invited us all to consider how we are coming to terms with new realities.

Our dialogue is for coaches who want to stay contemporary and at their best for clients. The conversation will not be recorded and we invite participants to uphold a confidential, developmental space, where each person can (re)discover their own compass and do some valuable orientation work together.

An independent attendance certificate will be provided for the time spent orientating yourself on this subject.

To find out more and secure your spot please click here


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