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Coach Development

Is your leadership three-dimensional?

Looking up an escalator with light at the top.

Coaching is a style modern leaders need to learn and switch into as appropriate to enhance the culture and performance of their teams. This style and the skills of coaching can also be applied to improve relationships with clients and stakeholders. Happy by-products are increased engagement, initiative-taking and job satisfaction.

Internal coaching creates an escalator effect: 

  • It gives the tools to confront and resolve the causes and consequences of poor attitude

  • Indifference is converted into engagement, through inquiry and appreciation

  • Rising stars become confident game changers through listening for potential

When you develop a leader as a coach you multiply the investment by the number of team members they work with.

The coaching they do will add value across the scorecard.

Few leaders are natural coaches. The good news is that most leaders can learn the concepts and basics of coaching swiftly. Through application and reflection, many leaders find themselves on a fascinating journey of increasing mastery, which brings advantages to all areas of their lives.

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