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Coaching Skills

What if every day, every manager skilfully

                       coached their people to achieve significant goals?

What development would be achieved over a year?

What growth would then be possible, and sustainable?

Developing coaching skills is one of the most fulfilling things any business person can do, since these skills then come into use in so many arenas.

We work alongside business people in a series of sessions to:

  • Build rapport and trust

  • Listen attentively, listen for potential

  • Demonstrate empathy and belief

  • Balance support and challenge, focus on priorities

  • Give appreciation as well as confidence building feedback

  • Seek out gains in effectiveness and personal bests

  • Delegate more responsibility, enrich the opportunities for others

The skill-building process

What we do is work with local leaders to perform these 7 activities to change the nature of the conversations your people experience. This engages, inspires and develops them. The results from developing managers in this way gives rapid return on investment, since their people pick up the skills from them!

The participant experience is as follows:

1. You connect with a coach to explore your current practice and results, priority areas for change

2. You experience some coaching for yourself to focus on your performance as leader or people manager

3. You attend the kick-off dinner, setting the scene in terms of context, objectives, process and expectations

4. You start the same evening in groups of three practicing the skills of rapport and learning from each other

5. The next morning, you are ready to enter the intensive skills building stage with practice following every input chunk

6. Practice with three individuals begins immediately, with a coach mentor following  and accelerating your progress

7. You apply what you've learned in your work conversations and reflect on what's working well, areas for improvement


When appropriate success stories are gathered and shared to help people see the difference, feel the change, notice the results and create the new culture for growth collaboratively.

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